Minutes of ICTMA Business Meeting held at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, July 19, 2011.

Present: Veronica Vargas Alejo, Ana Virgina de Almeida, Jonei Barbosa. Gayatri Balakrishnan, Michael Besser, Marie Salett Biembengut, Werner Blum, Morten Blomhoj, Dirk de Bock, Rita Borromeo Ferri, Jill Brown, Nils Buchholtz, Eric Chan, Peter Collignon, Ann Downton, Peter Frejd, Peter Galbraith, Vince Geiger, Gilbert Greefrath, Susanne Grunewald, Tomas Hojgaard, Cuncai Hua, Jamal Hussain, Michael Jennings, Gabriele Kaiser, Janeen Lamb, Geert Langereis, Ngan Hoe Lee, Matthias Ludwig, Akio Matsuzaki, Lars Mouwitz, Andreia Maria Pereira de Oliveira, Dawn Ng, Trevor Redmond, Milton Rosa, Akihiko Saeki, Mark Schofield, Stanislaw Schukajlow, Peter Sender, Matt Sexton, Gloria Stillman, Joanne Tay, Vitor Teodoro, Christiane Vogl, Pauline Vos, Wanty Widjaja, Mark Winter, Jinxing Xie, Akira Yanagimoto, Noboru Yoshimura, Yi-Chen Yu

Apologies: Ang Ken Cheng, Lyn English, Toshikazu Ikeda, Tetsushi Kawasaki, Issic Leung, Paivi Porras, Michael Voskoglou

Meeting commenced at 2:15 pm when all were welcomed by the president Gabriele Kaiser.

1. Minutes of Previous Business Meeting confirmed and emailed to all members previously. These are available on the ICTMA website.

2. President's Report ICTMA Activities since last meeting.
a. The new Springer series, International Perspectives on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Modelling, has been accepted and launched by Springer with the ICTMA 14 book being the first in the series.

• The editors are Gabriele Kaiser, University of Hamburg, Germany; and Gloria Stillman, Australian Catholic University, Australia.

• The members of the Editorial Board are Maria Salett Biembengut, Universidade Regional de Blumenau, Brazil; Werner Blum, University of Kassel, Germany; Helen Doerr , Syracuse University, USA; Peter Galbraith, University of Queensland, Australia; Toshikazu Ikeda, Yokohoma National University, Japan; Mogens Niss, Roskilde University, Denmark; Jinxing Xie, Tsinghua University, China.

b. The president has been proactive in ICME 12 to be held in Seoul in 2012 ensuring ICTMA has a strong presence.

• Morten Blomhoj (Denmark) nominated for IPC
• Gabriele Kaiser independently nominated for IPC
• Werner Blum (Germany) giving a plenary lecture
• Gloria Stillman (Australia) & Rita Borromeo Ferri (Germany) giving regular lectures
• Toshi Ikeda (Japan) & Jill Brown (Australia) co-chairs of TSG 17 with Jussara de Loiola Araujo (Brazil) & Nick Mousoulides (Cyprus)
• Jinxing Xie (China) is a member of Survey Team on "Key Mathematical Concepts in the Transition from Secondary to University"

c. The book from ICTMA 14 is now published. All participants of ICTMA 14 will receive a copy. If anyone doesn't receive their copy within 10-14 days they need to notify Gabriele Kaiser via Karen Stadlander.

• There are some errors. Printing is now on demand so Springer will do corrections for future printing. We are to collect errors and send to Springer via Karen Stadlander.
• Gabriele expressed her pleasure with the quality of the final product and thanked the other three editors, Werner Blum (Germany), Rita Borromeo Ferri (Germany) and Gloria Stillman (Australia)
• Main problem had been that abstracts had been removed by the publisher and time was lost when these had to be replaced and the chapters set out again.

d. ICTMA 14 conference was very successful:
• There were sufficient funds for a CD of Photos to be sent to all participants
• The conference broke even
• 20 extra copies of the ICTMA 14 book were bought out of conference fees

3. ICTMA15 book:

• TITLE: Mathematical Modelling: Connecting to Practice ĘC Teaching practice and the practice of applied mathematicians
• Editors: G. Stillman, G. Kaiser, W. Blum, & J. Brown.
• Part of the New Springer Series [Contract still to be negotiated], International Perspectives on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Modelling series, edited by Gabriele Kaiser and Gloria Stillman.
• International experts will referee chapters submitted by conference participants after the conference. These chapters are to be received by 15th September 2011. Usually there are revisions to do.
• All full registrants of ICTMA15 will receive a copy + any participants who purchased this separately.
• Instructions for authors will be uploaded to the ICTMA15 website shortly. Please follow these carefully so as to reduce the work of editors.

4. ICTMA 16:
Maria Salett Biembengut, the Chair of ICTMA 16, gave a short overview of ICTMA 16 as a video will be shown in Closing Ceremony.
• The plenary lectures are decided.
• The Website is ready and will be up in two weeks.
• Theme: Historical Development of the Teaching of Mathematical Modelling and its Education.
• Dates for ICTMA 16 were given as 14-19 July.

5. ICTMA17 Expressions of Interest:
Two EOIs have been received to host ICTMA 17 in 2015. These were from Thomas Lingefjard (Sweden) and Mengda Wu, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha (China).

6. Website:
Jinxing Xie called for contributions to the website in the relevant sections. Gabriele Kaiser thanked Jinxing Xie for his hard work on the site.

7. Elections

• Co-opted members of international executive:
All co-opted members need to be confirmed by the members at the business meeting. These were proposed as Jonei Barbosa (Brazil), Pauline Vos (Netherlands) and Helen Doerr (USA). These were confirmed by acclamation.

• Nominations for other positions were as follows as confirmed by the registrar, TI:

Gloria Stillman (Australia) Nominator: Gabriele Kaiser Seconder: Rita Borromeo Ferri
There being no further nominations, this nominee was declared elected.

Elected international executive members:
Jinxing Xie (China) Nominator: Gabriele Kaiser Seconder: Wolfgang Henn
Gabriele Kaiser (Germany) Nominator: Gloria Stillman Seconder: Dawn Ng
There being no further nominations, these nominees were declared elected.

Gloria Stillman will continue as Newsletter Editor.

There being no further business the meeting was closed by Gabriele Kaiser at 2:50 pm.

Next meeting: Universidade Regional de Blumenau, Brazil in July 2013.

G. Stillman (Secretary, ICTMA)

Minutes of ICTMA Business Meeting held at Hamburg University, Hamburg, July 30, 2009.

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