ICTMA conferences

The ICTMA group has held biennial meetings since 1983. This conference series provides a forum for discussing all aspects of teaching applications and modelling in all areas and at all levels of mathematics education - from primary to secondary schools, at colleges and universities.

ICTMA-1 1983 University of Exeter, England
ICTMA-2 1985 University of Exeter, England
ICTMA-3 1987 University of Kassel, Germany
ICTMA-4  1989 University of Roskilde, Denmark
ICTMA-5 1991 Fruedenthal Institute, Netherlands
ICTMA-6 1993 University of Delaware, USA
ICTMA-7 1995 University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
ICTMA-8 1997 University of Queensland, Australia
ICTMA-9 1999 University of Lisbon, Portugal
ICTMA-10 2001 Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
ICTMA-11 2003 Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA
ICTMA-12 2005 City University, London, UK
Satellite Meeting
Indiana University, USA
Kathmandu University, Nepal
ICTMA-14 2009 University of Hamburg, Germany
ICTMA-15 2011 Australian Catholic University, Australia
ICTMA-16 2013 Universidade Regional De Blumenau, SC, Brazil
ICTMA-17 2015 University of Nottingham, U.K.
ICTMA-18 2017 University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa
ICTMA-19 2019 University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
ICTMA-20 2022 University of Würzburg, Germany
ICTMA-21 2023 Yokohama National University, Japan