Minutes of ICTMA Business Meeting held at Hamburg University, Hamburg, July 30, 2009, 1705 - 1815.

Present: Heinrich Abel, Lourdes Maria Werle de Almeida, Nelia Amado, Mette Andresen, Jonas Bergman Arlebäck, Ana Margarida Baioa, Sinem Bas, Piera Biccard, Maria Salett Biembengut, Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs, Moreton Blomhoj, Marcelo C- Borba, Werner Blum, Dirk De Bock, Rita Borromeo Ferri, Jill Brown, Nils Buchholtz, Michaela Cawia, Susana Carreira, Ching-Kuch Chang, Helen Doerr, George Ekol, Regina Helena de Oliveira Lino Franchi, Peter Freid, Gert Gabrielsson, Peter Galbraith, Vince Geiger, Chris Haines, Stefan Halverscheid, Matti Heilio, Hans-Wolfgang Henn, Mohammed O. Ibrahim, Toshikazu Ikeda, Gabriele Kaiser (President), Lilian Kato, Usha Kotelawala, Filipa Maria Pedro Teixeima Lecoq, Richard Lesh, Thomas Lingefjärd, Carlos Mario Jaramillo Lopez, Katja Maass, Stephanie Meier, Mogens Niss, Dawn Ng, Pini Nz , Jhony Alexander Villa-Ochoa, Craig Pournara, Trevor Redmond, Beate Ruffer-Henn, Bjorn Schwarz, Zhara P. Shirazian, Pavel Shmakov, Manel Sol, Gloria Stillman (Secretary), Henk van der Kooij, Michele Veronez, Pauline Vos, Jinxing Xie

The meeting was opened by the Chair Gabriele Kaiser.

1. Report by President on Activities since last ICTMA conference (Gabriele Kaiser):
a. ICME 11 Mexico 2008 ASG (2 sessions 90 minutes)

b. Talks by president at national conferences in Brazil 2007 and Singapore 2009

c. Negotiations with Springer re conference proceedings for ICTMA 13

d. Newsletter established 2 issues per year August/December (Please send details of theses, publications, projects, items of interest to Gloria Stillman)

e. Website has been revamped (suggestions and materials to Jinxing Xie please)

2. Report by ICTMA 14 Organisers (Gabriele Kaiser):
a. At this point at least 135 people had participated. There were participants from every continent with a large number from Germany. Representations from Scandinavia, China, Brazil and Australia were high and it was good to see representatives from emerging modelling countries such as Turkey and Singapore.

b. Proceedings - selected papers will be printed in a referreed book to be published by Springer

• 8 pages - a template and other details will appear on the conference website soon
• plenary lectures plus discussant allowed 20 pages
• due 15 September 2009
• review by editors and external reviewers
• There is a tight timeline as the final manuscript is due October 2010 for the book to appear in Spring 2011.
• proposed title: Trends in Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Modelling
• Editors: G. Kaiser, W. Blum, R. Borromeo Ferri & G. Stillman

3. Report by ICTMA 15 Organisers (Gloria Stillman)
a. Melbourne First announcement brochure was handed out.

b. Tomorrow there will be a full presentation inviting participants to Melbourne in 2011.

4. Announcement of host for ICTMA 16 (Gabriele Kaiser)
a. Blumenau, Brazil

b. Presentation by Maria Salett Biembengut

5. Elections
a. Only one elected member's term has expired that of Toshikazu Ikeda.
Only one nomination for this position was received, namely, Toshikazu Ikeda (Japan)
Proposer: Wolfgang Henn (Germany)
Seconder: Max Stephens (Australia)
Toshikazu was declared elected and the meeting confirmed this by acclamation.

b. Chris Haines' term has expired as past conference organiser and Rita Borromeo Ferri has now been appointed to this position as co-chair of ICTMA 14. The participants at the meeting expressed their appreciation of Chris' service to ICTMA by acclamation.

c. Gloria Stillman was appointed secretary to replace Chris at the Executive Meeting. The meeting was asked by the chair to confirm the proposed co-opted members: Jonei Barbosa (Brazil), Katja Maass (Germany), and Jinxing Xie (China). The meeting confirmed these appointments by acclamation.

6. Other Business
a. Gabriele Kaiser - announcement of intention to apply for funding to the VW Foundation to conduct a Modelling Meeting with young researchers from Germany and across the world facilitated by experienced modellers and researchers.

b. Matti Heilio - reported on some recent campaigns and ongoing surveys in Europe related to the mathematics-industry interface where ICTMA members have the opportunity to be involved.

c. Mogens Niss brought participants' attention to the 20th ICMI Study on Mathematics and Industry and Mathematical Modelling. Papers are expected by September 15, 2009. The conference will be held in Lisbon in 2010.

The Chair closed the meeting at 1815. The next business meeting will be held in Melbourne in 2011.

G. Stillman (Secretary, ICTMA)
8 August 2009

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