Constitution of the ICTMA Community

1. The Community shall consist of people who are Members.

2. Membership of ICTMA is activated by attendance at an ICTMA Conference or participation in another ICTMA sponsored activity. Membership remains active until an individual resigns, or ceases to participate in ICTMA activities; indicated by non-attendance at three successive conferences, when there is also nonparticipation in other ICTMA activities.

3. A ‘member eligible for election to the Executive’ is normally a member who has attended at least two of the last three ICTMA conferences, where for purposes of interpretation a current ICTMA conference counts as ‘one of the last three ICTMA conferences’. Only ‘eligible members’ may nominate others, and be nominated themselves to the office of President, and to membership of the International Executive Committee.

4. A General Meeting of the Community shall be held at each ICTMA The principal business of the General Meeting shall be to elect the Committee and to discuss matters pertaining to the Mission of the Community.

5. There shall be a President of the Community who shall normally hold office for four years, the period of office to commence at the end of an ICTMA and to finish at the end of the ICTMA held four years later. The President shall normally not be eligible for immediate re-election. The President shall be the Chair of the International Executive Committee.

6. The International Executive Committee (the 'Committee') shall comprise
• the President
• the chief organisers of the last two ICTMA conferences* and the next ICTMA conference
• three Members elected by the Members
• up to three persons (who are Members of the Community) co-opted by the Committee.
* Where relevant a current ICTMA conference is deemed to be the most recent of the last two ICTMA conferences.

7. The Organiser of an ICTMA shall be the chair of the local organising committee and chair of that ICTMA.

8. Nominations and co-options shall have regard to the desire that there should be at least two men and at least two women on the Committee, and to general needs of geography and demography.

9. The elected Members shall normally serve for four years (commencing at the end of an ICTMA) and are eligible once only for re-election for a further period of four years.

10. Co-opted members may continue to serve provided this continued membership of the Committee is approved at a General Meeting of the Community.

11.The Committee will select the venues and appoint the Organisers of future ICTMAs.

12. The Committee will appoint the Editorial Board for the publication containing selected papers presented at an ICTMA. The Editorial Board will normally comprise:
• the President
• a Continuing Editor who shall previously have been a member of the Board
• the Organiser of the current ICTMA
• one Member who has served on the current local organising committee.

13. The Committee shall appoint one of its number to serve as Registrar whose job will include maintaining the Register of Members, conducting elections and overseeing the maintenance and development of the ICTMA web pages, computer conference and email list.

14. The Committee shall appoint one of its number to serve as Secretary to the Committee and to the Community.

15. Elections for President and/or Committee members will take place at a business meeting held at a convenient time during an ICTMA Conference. The first meeting of the new Committee may be held at the end of the same ICTMA. Voting will be by ballot using proportional representation with a single transferable vote system.

16. Members not attending an ICTMA may OBTAIN a postal ballot from the WEBSITE, and must ensure that this is returned TO THE SECRETARY at least two weeks before the ICTMA begins. Response may be by post, fax, or email.

17. Nominations for elected officers must be proposed and seconded by Members eligible for election to the Executive, and must carry the agreement of the nominated person. Nominations must be placed on the Conference noticeboard at least 24 hours before the General Meeting. Proxies must be delivered to the Chair at the start of the General Meeting.

18. Motions to change this constitution may be submitted to the Registrar at least four weeks before an ICTMA conference and must be supported by at least ten members. These Motions will be debated and a vote will be taken at the next General Meeting and, if passed by a two-thirds majority of those voting including postal votes, will come into effect immediately.

19. This Constitution was drafted by the Executive Committee in 1998, and approved by many members who were consulted via e-mail. It was amended at the General Meeting held at ICTMA 10 in Beijing, August 2001, and again at the general meeting held at ICTMA 13 in Bloomington, July 2007.

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